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Since 1959 Apacheland hosted many western movies and TV shows in and around the Apache Junction area of Phoenix, Arizona. Apacheland was host to Hollywood stars such as Stella Stevens, Jason Robards, Audie Murphy, John Wayne, Richard Boone, Elvis Presley, Jack Nicholson, Marty Robbins, Chill Wills, Ronald Reagan and many others. From its innocent inception of a theme park and western movie studio in 1956 to it’s founding in 1959 as “The Western Movie Capital of the World” this website covers more than 55 years of western movie making history.


WESTERN MOVIES FILMED FOR HOLLYWOOD at APACHELAND from November 1956 until its last Hollywood movie in 1976. Many movie legends such as Jack Nicholson, Audie Murphy, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne have all appeared at the 'Western Movie Capital of the World" located in Apache Junction, Arizona.

1956 Gunfight at the OK Corral - Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas

1961 The Purple Hills - Gene Nelson, Kent Taylor

1961 The Broken Land - Jack Nicholson, Kent Taylor

1964 Blood on the Arrow - Dale Robertson, Martha Hyer

1964 Arizona Raiders - Audie Murphy, Michael Dante

1968 Hang Fire - Jerry Vance, Lindsay Crosby

1968 Charro! - Elvis Presley, Ina Balin

1969 Ballad of Cable Hogue - Jason Robards, Stella Stevens

1969 A Time for Dying - Audie Murphy, Richard Lapp

1972 Guns of a Stranger - Marty Robbins, Chill Wills

1976 The Haunted - Aldo Ray, Virginia Mayo

1977 Sweet Savage - Aldo Ray, Charles Samples


WESTERN MOVIES FILMED FOR TV at APACHELAND from May 1960 until 2004. Many TV stars  and legends such as Armande Assante, Elisabeth Shue, Jack Black, Kenny Rogers, Brian Keith and Alan Hale have all appeared at the 'Western Movie Capital of the World" - Apacheland Movie Ranch in Apache Junction, Arizona.

1960 Apache Trail Documentary - Documentary of Superstition Wilderness

1962 Showdown at Redrock - Frank Wilcox, Leland Wainscott

1967 Ice Capades in the Desert - Carolyn O'Kelly, John Labrecque

1967 Pepsi's 'Girl on the Go' - Corinne Calvet

1971 Second Chance - Brian Keith, Rosie Grier

1977 Jacob and Jacob - Alan Hale, Jake Jacobs

1978 Blue Jay Summer - Ken McConnell, Teresa Jones

1983 The Gambler: The Adventure Continues - Kenny Rogers, Linda Evans

1994 Blind Justice - Armande Assante, Jack Black, Elisabeth Shue, Robert Davi

1994 Playboy Goes West - Royce O’Donnell, Ed Birmingham, Hank Sheffer


WESTERN TV SERIALS & COMMERCIALS that were filmed at APACHELAND from May 1960 until 2004. Many TV stars and legends such as Richard Boone, Warren Oates, Robert Taylor and Roy Rogers have all appeared at the 'Western Movie Capital of the World" - Apacheland Movie Ranch in Apache Junction, Arizona.

1960 Have Gun, Will Travel - Richard Boone

1961 Bonanza - Lorne Greene,  Michael Landon, Dan Blocker

1961 Stagecoach West - Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray

1965 Death Valley Days - Ronald Reagan

1965 General Motors - Lorne Greene

1966 Death Valley Days - Robert Taylor

1967 Dundee and the Culhane - Warren Oates, John Drew Barrymore, James Dunn

1967 Death Valley Days - Robert Taylor

1968 Will Rogers Institute - John Wayne

1968 Death Valley Days - Robert Taylor

1995 Ford Motor Company - Waylon Jennings

Little Known Fact About Apacheland™ 

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The classic theme park Legend City in Phoenix, Arizona owes its existence to a small movie ranch near Apache Junction 40 miles east of Phoenix called Apacheland Movie Ranch. Apacheland was slated to be the southwest's "Disneyland" in 1959 and was to have a central western town perfect for Hollywood movies as well as southwest and Arizona themed attractions and rides. 

By early 1960 when investors were unsure of what direction to go, one half built Apacheland Movie Ranch in Apache Junction and the other half took the plans drawn by Disney's chief visual engineer, Nat Winecoff and built a western theme park called Legend City three years later. The Apacheland Gunfighters would regularly appear at Legend City and perform Hollywood stunts and gunfights from 1963 until 1969. Both locations were once part of the same dream back in 1959.

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